About Us - Bios

Nat Guild
has been directly involved in the investment business since 1983 with an emphasis on special situations, option strategies and short selling. He is an expert in the critical analysis of competitive business strategies and the early identification of distressed companies. He has worked as a public accountant at Coopers and Lybrand and co-authored The Public Manager's Handbook (Crain, 1981). He graduated from Harvard College and received his Masters in Corporate Strategy and New Technical Ventures from M.I.T.

Nat is responsible for building and maintaining the proprietary research data base Short Alert uses to uncover short candidates, which drives much of the subsequent research effort. He manages much of the search work and produces the analysis of a firm's competitive strategy and its financial condition.

Mike Long
has been in the alternative investment business since 1974. He graduated from Washington and Lee University with a degree in economics. He founded the first managed futures department at Shearson, where he was a Director of Hayden Commodities. He later worked for Millburn Partners as Director of Trading where he became involved with short selling. He wrote a series of articles for Barron’s that dealt with short selling, where he first hypothesized that heavily shorted stocks actually underperformed the market, an idea later confirmed by the academic community.

Mike is actively involved in the fields of competitive intelligence, library science and investigative journalism and has undergone training in elicitation technique. He is responsible for the bulk of the investigative work, fact checking, and client contact.